Wednesday, 26 September 2012

cake bunting and christmas books...

if you ever find yourself in need of a quick cake decoration here's a
 little how-to that might help  :)
 you will need...

2 wooden skewers (food safe)
various washi tapes

cut a piece of string that is almost twice as wide as the cake...

leave a length of string at each end to tie onto skewer

cut washi tapes long enough to fold over the string to form a double layer

cut into a pennant shape ( or semi circle, rectangle or any shape you fancy )

tie on to the skewer

stick into cake :)
(don't light candles while this is on cake) obvious I know but thought I should mention it x

we had a lovely weekend with lots of bunting and lovely gifts  Yay :)

making the most of the sunshine we rode an open top bus through one of my favourite cities....

can you spot the clue?

tomorrow is our 15th wedding anniversary...I might just get my Tiara out and wear it round the house for the day to celebrate :) 

.....and so we are fast heading into October...which means we may start thinking about ......Christmas.....if so there is a very lovely book due out next month from the fab people at Mollie Makes...

the book is available to pre-order over here
with a discount if you use the code MollieLoves at the checkout :)

x x x x x