Tuesday 20 October 2015

Patchwork panels...

a while ago I was working on some fabric designs, at the same time I was also making up some vintage patchwork quilts. The vintage fabrics were lovely but my supply was running out. So I thought about designing some fabrics I could use in the patchworks...

the large flower print in the background is also available
  then that idea developed further into a patchwork panel design... how very '70s and retro I thought.
so I designed a panel based on my quilts below.

The panel is printed with different squares of retro inspired patterns which look like a vintage patchwork you can simply sew it up with wadding and backing and make a super quick quilt or you could use it for cushions or bags, anything you like really. 

the panel is printed by a UK company called Woven Monkey and they will print any design digitally onto a selection of different fabrics...they also have an option to set up an account so others can buy your designs too.

I had a think about how to make this work so the panels would be available for you to buy and make your own quilts and this seemed like the best way.
To buy the patchwork panel you can visit the shop here and choose the design you want, then pick the size (sample/FQ/or metre) For this quilt I ordered a metre of (Pop Patchwork) onto 100% cotton. ** Please note the layout may look distorted until you click on the metre size then it will look as it will be printed** Printing takes around 7-10 days. 
One panel makes a quilt approx 100cm x 145cm and all you need to do is add the backing, binding and wadding. To make it look more realistic I top stitched along the squares. It took me less than three hours to make up this quilt. 
I realise this fabric is not for the true quilters amongst us, but thought it was a good way to offer up all the designs on one panel and would be ideal for beginners. Also it does work out cheaper than buying all those different fabrics.
I will be adding more designs to the site too, so keep checking back.

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