Wednesday 26 September 2012

cake bunting and christmas books...

if you ever find yourself in need of a quick cake decoration here's a
 little how-to that might help  :)
 you will need...

2 wooden skewers (food safe)
various washi tapes

cut a piece of string that is almost twice as wide as the cake...

leave a length of string at each end to tie onto skewer

cut washi tapes long enough to fold over the string to form a double layer

cut into a pennant shape ( or semi circle, rectangle or any shape you fancy )

tie on to the skewer

stick into cake :)
(don't light candles while this is on cake) obvious I know but thought I should mention it x

we had a lovely weekend with lots of bunting and lovely gifts  Yay :)

making the most of the sunshine we rode an open top bus through one of my favourite cities....

can you spot the clue?

tomorrow is our 15th wedding anniversary...I might just get my Tiara out and wear it round the house for the day to celebrate :) 

.....and so we are fast heading into October...which means we may start thinking about ......Christmas.....if so there is a very lovely book due out next month from the fab people at Mollie Makes...

the book is available to pre-order over here
with a discount if you use the code MollieLoves at the checkout :)

x x x x x 

Tuesday 18 September 2012

fab films and new packaging....

...yesterday the Mr and I went on a little jaunt to the cinema....a proper old fashioned one where you buy your ticket from a man in a booth, a cup of coffee costs 75p and they sell smarties and maltesers in boxes :)
and the best bit is that they show films for people like us who are rubbish and miss them when they are on at the big cinemas :)

Moonrise Kingdom is now officially my No1 favourite film.....

so in between googling pictures from the film every 5 minutes and drooling over that vintage record player I have been re-designing the littleteawagon packaging..


and bundling up fabrics and wallpapers :)

it's a weekend of birthdays and anniversary's coming up Yay! and I also note its a year since I moved into my little shed...

happy tuesday night 

x x x x x x x

Thursday 13 September 2012

reasons to be cheerful....

#1 little betty all cleaned up and ready sew :)

#2 a nice bit of vintage M & S from the vintage village market :)

#3 A nice family day out with the bluest skies  and amazing art in the park :)
(with Claude the class sock monkey who had to come with us)

#4 sneaking one of those owls to keep for myself :)

#5 a little nip in the air and that Autumn feeling means the favourite 
folly and glee eiderdown is on the bed  :) 

#6 cats and dogs  :)
cats from oooh betty
dog from alice apple

#7 new lampshades :) yum 

and lastly this very lovely commission which has had me busy chopping and measuring, pinning and sewing's a big one.....hence my absence from the www for a while....

thanks for your comments about our #1's high school antics...all went well and he was fine and now just a week on knows everything about everything :)

yay for nearly the end of the week...
(these early mornings are killing me) x x x

Wednesday 5 September 2012

tea...fretting and new stuff... off went our eldest on a big yellow bus to high school...I have been fretting all morning and drinking lots of tea...
 I popped off into my little shed and got on with some work to distract me :)

so all my little makes that I had been working away on at night in the school holidays are now listed in my little shop


I have been ruthless and chopped into my favourite fabrics for these....there are owlies..


bunting in lots of lovely colours and patterns...


 more owlies :)

and some more Teawagon patchy blankets..

in lots of pretty florals and checks...

I have fretted a bit more and drank more tea and looked at the clock....

soon be home time and the quiet will be gone and I'll have another cup of tea while listening to tales of big school :)

x x x x x x x x x x

Monday 3 September 2012

the lolly dollys meet some boys.....

hello....I'm still here, just enjoying the last day of freedom before school starts's a big week..#1 is starting high school and I'm panicking about buses and bus stops and how to put on a tie....but it will be fine and the house will be quiet again and I will miss them :)

but before I disappear again to buy last minute bits and pieces...I'm sharing the Lolly stick boys that I have had requests for...

they are done in just the same way as the Dolly's...

I did mine with tapes but the boys made theirs with just pens :)

hope you like them...

the Indian chief one reminds me of Mr Ben :)

so now I need to go and buy more pens and pencil cases and write up my little summer journal so we can remember the all fun stuff we did...

my little 20% sale ends tonight and I will be re-stocking the littleteawagon shelves on wednesday :)

Happy September 

x x x x x x x x