Thursday 28 October 2010

Q and A's

After reading one of my favourite blogs the other day. (coco rose) I decided to join in the Q and A.

What age were you most happy?..... Honestly??? my 20's I loved the freedom,the travelling, my job,that carefree feeling you get before life starts to get too serious,but I'm very happy now just a little frazzled round the edges.

Most played song? Too many... but Bigmouth Strikes Again 'The Smiths' and Eds Funky Diner 'Its Immaterial' at the moment

Favourite food-least favourite food? I love ice cream,any flavour,any weather

Fave TV or film? Armstrong and Miller for TV, too many films to mention, as its nearly Halloween I'll say Nightmare before Christmas
One regret? Answering the ideal job question!

Ideal Job? ..........
Favourite flower? I love all flowers I think I would choose them for colour rather than type - pinks/oranges/yellows

Us in our carefree twenties, I hate having my photo taken and this is the only one I've ever liked!!

Have a great weekend x x x

Tuesday 26 October 2010

Meet the Family - spooks

The Toilet Roll family have had a make-over this week, any excuse to dress up is fine by me and even better when all it involves is some small bits of fabric and some plasticine! I've become very attatched to these little cardboard guys, they stand in a row on a shelf in the hall and everytime I run upstairs past them I smile to myself thinking about how they are very quiet, never answer back or bark, never make a mess or smell and are very cheap to keep!

I have to admit its getting harder and harder to make 8 and 9 year old boys sit down and make anything these days but the opportunity to make gory monster type items was too tempting even for them..... and I love the fact that Herman looks less scarey now than he did as himself :)

I also dug out these lanterns from last year, so simple to make from old jam jars and tissue paper, they look fab hanging from trees or in the window at night.
Have a great week x x x x
Also check out these Fab crochet halloween decorations at

Thursday 21 October 2010

Eiderdowns and Owls

I've been a very busy bee this week and got lots of things finished, photos have been taken, packages posted,beds have been made.....oh ...erm cue......shameless pic of my lovely eiderdown from Folly and Glee

I finished some cushions that have been sitting in my cupboard half made since the summer....

These are for the shop just in case you had images of me balancing on the top like princess and the pea whilst tapping away on the computer....

And I finally managed to take this photo....

I love owls......... he is for the shop too and I'm planning to do a few more of these as they are such fun to do, very me.. no planning or method just get stuck in and see what happens!

I have been to Paperchase again too, on the pretence of buying a birthday card but I just like buying their stickers....

These are fab and even better, when I turned out the lights last night I discovered they glow in the dark :) I just love that squirrel!

Have a great weekend, I know its only thursday but we're nearly there x x x x x

Tuesday 19 October 2010

Pumpkins and Squirrels

The weeks are whizzing by and another half term looms, so I have been busy making and searching and fiddling and changing and fiddling and changing and re-arranging.

In another life I was a graphic designer and I miss playing around with images, so too often I find myself changing the logo in the shop or re-doing the title on's good to mix things up a bit I think...nothing stays the same for long..................

Much like these two........

.......boys..I love 'em but I cannot work them out!

littleteawagon the shop is 6 months old on monday, I feel I should do something to mark the occasion but fear I will be up to my neck in mess, boys, zombies, dog, pumpkins and lots of orange stuff!(of the £shop kind)
Have a good week :)

Tuesday 12 October 2010

Its christmas....not

I know I said I was wishing the weeks away but ..........

no don't worry.... I haven't made a time machine...I've just been playing around with props for shop photo's ( I knew my 50p tinsel tree bought in February last year would come in handy for something!)

I am loving this cute little bag from my lovely friend to put all my portable craft tools in for on the go crafting.... I do like to crochet in the most portable (always unless I am driving obviously)....queuing(always)....cinema?(if the lights good enough!)....beach(sometimes but prefer flying my kite) parents eve!!!(I wish!!)

Also loving my little present from the lovely a really sweet surprise that arrived at the most perfect time.

Have a lovely week :) x x x

Wednesday 6 October 2010

The post about distractions.....

Wednesday already, I'm wishing for the weekend at the moment,
I am
deeply distracted
by goings on of a not very nice nature,
so need to nose about and find something nice
to take my mind off things

Yep that'll do nicely.......

I'm easily pleased :)
Have a good week x x x x