Monday 26 January 2015


hello, I've been making blankets to keep us warm this January...they are so handy I thought I would share them on here. All you need is some warm wool type fabric, mine is wool mix so I can throw it in the washing machine (essential with kids and a dog) and something to edge it with.
For this one I made some binding...

 the wool fabric is a lovely mustard and cream weave and the binding is some fabric I was given, it looks and feels like Liberty lawn but I can't be sure (anyone know?)

binding is pretty easy to make and there are lots of really good tutorials on how to make and attach it.
(like this one )

I usually hand stitch the binding down but for speed I did this one on the machine, it looks just as good as long as you sew in a neat straight line.

all done :) I love the way the binding looks and it gives a really neat finish... 

or you could use wool and blanket stitch the edges or just fold over the raw edge and stitch down.

These blankets cost around £10 each too and they are big enough to cover a double bed or to snuggle under on the sofa.  Super cosy :)
Back soon x x x x

Monday 12 January 2015

New Year post...

 hello....a little late I know but I hope you had a lovely Christmas and New year, it went by so fast x

Last year was a little quiet over here on the blog, but there was a good reason and the result of me frantically working away in secret for the first half of 2014 will be out soon...I will share more details with you nearer the time :) I still managed to do lots of making and shared some of them over on instagram. I made a few of these quilts for christmas presents so I thought I should make one for us to keep...

 there are lots more planned as I have a big stash of fabric to use up and hopefully some will make it into the shop too...
Our new year goals are pretty simple and my lovely pegboard  (christmas present) has come in very handy for announcements and lists like this...

I'm collecting postcards for my letter writing, they look so nice on here though I think I will have trouble using any.

hopefully I will be back in my little shed soon stitching and sketching and I have some more tutorials and a little giveaway planned x x  back soon x x