Tuesday 29 June 2010


The Teawagon paint palette has been chosen and mixed.
The Teawagon banner is practically made.
The Teawagon float is predictably down.
Things are slowly coming together.... there is a little wagon pulling in to view on the horizon, it has tunes coming from within..the Farmers Boys,Orange Juice,The Smiths,ukelele's,banjo's..there is bunting flying in every colour from the windows...
Just like Captain Rockhopper it hovers tauntingly on the horizon...it has to be here soon!

Ps I make up my own words sometimes, if tauntingly isn't a real word..well it should be x

Wednesday 23 June 2010


When out and about looking at things for me,for home,for littleteawagon,big teawagon...I have noticed something.....my taste has become somewhat questionable,bordering on hideous if I'm honest.There's always that moment where you begin to wonder if you've stepped over a line.Frankly I like being on the other side every now and then, even if I have to hide 'the object' among some nice things so no-one notices.I like to see my little tasteless friends shining down on me where no one else sees :)

Monday 21 June 2010

Frank Sidebottom



We took a trip to the degree shows in town yesterday, a Fathers day outing with two very tired boys after sleepovers on saturday night. The textiles shows are always really inspiring and I love the photography and animation,there were some stands that particularly stood out, a girl who had embroidered Tim Burton style childrens books was popular as well as a forties homemaker project with recipe cushions and lovely embroidered fabrics.
My favourite was a photographic display made up of mini works of art inside slide cases, some of the little pics were from the seventies,random people,holiday snaps...brilliant!!!.

Best bit though was discovering how to use the find music app on my phone and being introduced to the delights of Daktaris 'Clarence the Cross Eyed Lion' which is now the Teawagon theme tune!! (hope you approve Jane)x

Thursday 17 June 2010

Blooming lovely

After swooning slightly every time Ruffy pulled a cute but mischievous face (at least 42 times by my calculations)during the charming and whimsical 'The Brothers Bloom', we felt in need of some therapy. Of the retail kind. But only in the name of stocking the Teawagon's ingeniously fitted shelves.

We couldn't believe our eyes when we spied a shop that seemed to have been transported whole from circa 1958. It sported a window display involving hand-knitted socks, thermal vests and a roll-on rubber girdle, all arranged on peg-board and wire busts. On peering through the grimy window of the (sadly) locked door, we saw canyons created by stacks of cardboard shoe boxes, packets of stockings and glass-fronted drawers filled with every kind of ladies' delicate and personal wear. We looked around for a police box and a man in a bow tie then, unsatisfied, asked in the shop next door. When had this marvellous place closed for business? 'Ooh, a long time ago - at least a year.' We were an awfully long way from the centre of town...

Ruffalo Gals

We Lurrrve Mark Ruffalo so today instead of painting cupboards and making bags we are having a little trip to the cinema, how decadent!! And then we are going to a big camping shop to buy a sleeping bag for my #2 son who is having his first beavers sleepover this weekend. No vintage, inspiration or upcycling today. YAY!

Monday 14 June 2010


Home again,after some little jollies around the country, I went North and the other Miss TW went south, haven't met up yet to discuss our jaunts but the weekly meeting tommorrow should sort that out.No Teawagon news but I do feel very inspired by my trip to the scottish highlands and I can feel a tartan theme emerging and I do know now that you can run your business/shop from your shed,garden,front room up there as long as you have a nice little sign outside and possibly a large supply of scottish tablet and hot tea!!!
No nessie sightings, so obviously I have gone ahead and faked my own J.Otto Seibald-esque monster.

Thursday 3 June 2010


I am beginning to realise what a BIG world there is out there and how hard it is at first to make yourself visible, I didn't even know what 'tags' were until last week, now I am obsessed with them and am even considering a publicity stunt to attract people, 'MUM OF TWO FAKES LOCHNESS MONSTER PHOTO'S'. Onlooker says "It's outrageous,dangerous and disappointing but she did have a LOVELY HANDBAG!" www.etsy..........................I am also realising that I should have paid more attention to spelling and punctuation at school - 7 attempts at disappointing!!!!!