Monday 28 January 2013

busy doing....

worky stuff


new bunting :)

and this....

new teawagon blankets

and admiring these...

£1 fake flowers :)

I like keeps me out of mischief... in between covert busy stuff ( top secret ) I have been making and chopping...I am slowly filling my littleteawagon shelves...dreaming up new ideas and drinking lots of chamomile tea 
(busy can make me get a bit giddy and have me running around like a headless chicken)

Happy Monday

x x x x x x x

Friday 25 January 2013

shop news......

Friday shop update .....finally the shelves are filled...fabric bundles are in and wallpaper packs and handmade goodies to follow shortly :)
Happy Weekend All x x x x x

Friday 18 January 2013

Wednesday 16 January 2013

confessions of obsessions....#1

Ok so...when I said in the last post that I had a new obsession I might have told a little white lie...firstly because its not really new and secondly because I have more than one... here though is my most favouritest obsession of the moment...

 I guess it's what you would call Modern Patchwork...I began collecting the fabrics for this a while ago and over the Christmas holiday I made a quilt...

the colours of this one were inspired by the amazingly talented Rachel

 Then I got some more fabric...this time with one boy in mind...said boy was off school poorly last week so I got to work and made this one...a bit more basic and very quick to run up. He loved it :)

I feared I was getting a little bit addicted and the house could have been falling down around me but I would have carried on happily stitching row upon row of little squares :)

So I ordered a bit more fabric and made another one... this one is my favourite and is a bit bigger...

... I would love to make some more but have got a busy few weeks ahead so I will wait for a quiet time...the fabrics came from M is for Make who have a great range of modern prints and are frankly quite fab.

I'll be back promise to blog more is written above my computer in big letters :)
Thank you for still popping by despite my rubbishness at posting lately...I really do appreciate it and I'd love to hear if you have any new obsessions you have been busy with :)
Have a lovely week x x x x x

ps fear not I have not abandoned my lovely vintage florals...just fancied a bit of a change for winter, I am busy making new vintage patchy goodies as I speak x x x x

Tuesday 8 January 2013

Happy 2013 :)

Hello...just easing myself back in to the online world...hope you had a very happy Christmas and New Year :)
No New Years resolutions here just some little promises to be more organised and to simplify things... In the hope that I get more done in less time :) I will be buried under piles of things for a few weeks but hope to emerge with some freshly painted rooms, a lovely tidy shed, lots of new listings for the shop and a to do list that won't send me running to hide under the bed :) I have some new makes to share too and a new obsession... Back soon xxxxxxx