Monday 5 December 2011

holiday how - to #3 hanging owlies

 cute little felt owls for hangin' on your tree or anywhere and the best bit is... like dogs they are not just for Christmas:)

to make a few of these you will need

* felt in several colours
*embroidery threads in a few nice colours
*stuffing (you can use scraps of fabric to stuff or you could do what I do which is to secretly attack the nearest cushion and pinch a bit of stuffing)...

use this pattern as a guide to cut out the owls, you will need 2 of each shape (except the beak) for each owl

- sew all the features onto the top body piece - eyes ...beak...wings with your favourite stitch or stitches if like me you have a few :)

-take the back body piece and start to sew the back and front together using blanket stitch

-sew in the ribbon loop as you go along the top in between the ears, make sure its well sewn in

- when you get to the bottom, leave a gap and push in a little stuffing, not too much just enough to give a rounded shape and then continue to blanket stitch 'till it is all sewn up

- add the button
I have made these for little Christmas presents, so I have packed them up in a bag with a bit of vintage wallpaper,
my boys (10 and 9 ) have had a go at these and they have managed pretty well with simpler stitches so it could be a good little crafty afternoon activity and you can resort to glue as I did if the stitching gets a  bit much.

I have drifted from my path of be 'prepared for christmas' by distractions of an impending school trip and horrible surgery on a tooth -  stitches and a face like a hamster aren't my favourite look for the holiday season, but eating only mash potato and ice cream made it bearable :)

Happy Monday 

x x x x x x x 

p.s I got a bit carried away and made a few too many owls, so have popped a couple in the shop :)