Monday 14 September 2015

what's going on?...

over at littleteawagon?? A quick update on the new look shop....during the summer I was very busy working on new prints and new designs for a little relaunch of my business.. a few people have asked me why I don't sell vintage fabric anymore. The simple answer is I don't really have enough left., when I first started out my work was kind of defined by the fabrics I found, at first buying them was easy and I had a lot (and I mean a LOT) but as time went on my customers began asking if I could sell some of the fabrics I used, which I did and so the fabric cupboard slowly emptied.(I have saved a few of my favourite ones which...when I can bear to will be bundled up for sale too) In the last couple of years it has become so difficult to source any decent ones that I decided to concentrate on my other passion - Graphics.
I always knew that littleteawagon would have to evolve to keep going and that styles and tastes change over time and that's a good thing I think...So, the new prints are listed now and also a new range including digital download printables. I've tried to cover different age ranges, genders and interests but if you have any suggestions please let me know. I've also have been working on a range of greeting cards and some fabric designs which will be used in new home wares, lots more ideas are in the pipeline as well so pop back if you can.
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