Wednesday 29 May 2013

Pin it forward UK I am posting about Pinterest, which has recently launched in the UK. For any who don't know what Pinterest is, it's a fast growing online resource for collecting and organising images and links from the internet.
It's great for inspiration and is also a good way to keep your own work together in one place...I have a board for my tutorials, boards for home inspiration, films, crafts and  my makes

It is also a good way of discovering other likeminded pinners and bloggers...and so with that in mind I would like to do my pin it forward link to the very lovely violet posy who has a beautiful and inspirational blog and is also a fellow pinner.

have fun x x x x x 

edited to add.
if you would like to see some more lovely boards and blogs here are some other favourites that are well worth visiting..
Bee's pins
Kitschycoo's pins
and these girls have lovely blogs too :)
linen cloud
Kitschy Coo

x x x x x

Tuesday 21 May 2013

making some sunshine...

OK... so I may have made another quilt since last posting....this one sort of began one rainy sunday and then there was no going back...(rainy sundays have a lot to answer for)

I have discovered that there are so many talented quilters out there...
hen house  redpepperquilts red red completely red   
to name but a few...they make amazing patchwork and are really makes me realise I am just dabbling on the surface of this incredible craft...

all this has come at a good mojo has been missing for a while..I'm not sure where its gone...but the major clear out and some re-jiggling is my way of finding it again...

and until it does I'm more than happy to fiddle about with little squares of colour and patterns :)

this one goes on our bed and is the largest one I have made so small table in my small shed were not big enough for this there were a few mumblings and grumblings (read swears!!) along the way..

and to celebrate summer??!!! I made some nice summery things for the shop...bright sunny throws...

cushion covers...

and bunting in fresh vintage florals.......
we are gearing up for another half term holiday here... so lets hope the sun does comes out to play :) x x x x x

Friday 10 May 2013

a bit of a patchy post with a smidge of a knotty stringy hangy thingy...

using up scraps :)
 it's Friday again and I'm wondering what happened to another's a quick round up of makes and things that have kept me smiling in between lots of sorting and organising...

embracing the minecraft obsession for birthday boys

mostly it has been making patchwork covers for the boys again..

a bit crumply but I quite like that..

and enjoying a change from florals :) (the boys are pleased)

using neon thread for top stitching :)

making these for my new obsession....plants (but having no room to put them anywhere)

and whipping up some more Teawagon blankets...

the almost sorted shed...this is so tidy compared to how it was....the cupboard is for my keep fabric stash :)

this is my to be listed stash....keep an eye on FB for an update on when these are in the shop :)

have a happy weekend

x x x x x x x