Friday 10 May 2013

a bit of a patchy post with a smidge of a knotty stringy hangy thingy...

using up scraps :)
 it's Friday again and I'm wondering what happened to another's a quick round up of makes and things that have kept me smiling in between lots of sorting and organising...

embracing the minecraft obsession for birthday boys

mostly it has been making patchwork covers for the boys again..

a bit crumply but I quite like that..

and enjoying a change from florals :) (the boys are pleased)

using neon thread for top stitching :)

making these for my new obsession....plants (but having no room to put them anywhere)

and whipping up some more Teawagon blankets...

the almost sorted shed...this is so tidy compared to how it was....the cupboard is for my keep fabric stash :)

this is my to be listed stash....keep an eye on FB for an update on when these are in the shop :)

have a happy weekend

x x x x x x x