Wednesday 3 April 2019

new start....

Just a little update on the story of littleteawagon/teawagontales so far... in 2010 I started littleteawagon and this blog as a way to share crafts and things I made. It grew from a pile of vintage fabrics and some imagination into a little business which I ran while my boys were still small. Time rolls on and now I find myself in a different place but still wanting to create and share. I do different things now to scratch that creative itch... like volunteering, running workshops and growing things. I decided to focus on my love of textiles and set myself a goal to use up all my yarn, fiber and fabric this year (ready for a big move in a couple of years time) So Fiber and Fold became the new name...from fibers of fabric and yarn to folding papers and a bit of doodling new illustrations in between. (american spelling because it looked better)
So very soon I will be updating my newly named shop with new weaves, sewn things, prints and some reusable items.
Thanks for reading! I know this space is rarely updated these days but the stats show that it still gets lots of visits, especially the craft tutorials and Craft Camp projects so I thought it was worth putting this out there.  And if I have any crafty ideas I will always share them over here.