Thursday 5 July 2018

Ice Cream Plushie DIY Craft Camp 2018 #4

So the second part of the tutorial is how to make the ice cream cone, I enjoyed making this so much I made another could go on and on, think of all the different types you could make. If I hadn't had other stuff to do there would have definitely been a nobbly bobbly in the gang...
For this little guy you will need : white dot fabric, brown/yellow fabric and some red felt, also white, grey, pink and red felt for the face. sewing machine, scissors, thread, needle, PVA glue, iron, toy stuffing and a pom pom (optional)

First cut your ice cream fabric (white dot) in a shape like above pic x 2 (18cm x 14cm)  Then cut the cone shape as above x 2 (18cm x 16, tapering to 7cm at the base) Then cut a piece of the red felt in to the strawberry sauce shape as above (14cm x 9cm approx) Glue the red sauce felt on to the dotty ice cream fabric and allow to dry.

Place the ice cream and cone right sides together and stitch 1 cm seam, repeat with the other piece. Press flat.

You should now have two pieces with ice cream and cone fabric (one will have the sauce on too)
place them right sides together and sew withe a 1cm seam around the edges leaving a 10cm gap for turning.

Trim the seams and snip in at the curves and then turn the right way out. Press.
Fill with stuffing and sew up the hole as in the previous tutorial.

Cut out two white circles, two grey circles, two pink cheek circles and a little red mouth and glue in position with PVA as previous tutorial.

If you have a pom pom maker you could add a pom pom on the top, you could use a ready made one or there are lots of tutorials on how to make them with forks or cardboard rings. You could just add another felt circle or a button or bead.
Hope that's all clear, it's very similar to the Popsicle/Lolly tutorial previous to this one and you can adapt the sizing and style to your favourite iced treats.
Have fun! Back soon with the last  Craft Camp DIY which is my favourite and is plant related
Thanks for reading x