Wednesday 4 July 2018

Sunglasses Case DIY Craft Camp 2018 #2

Need something to keep your shades in? This nifty little case will protect your glasses and is pretty easy to make, some sewing skills required but it only involves sewing straight lines so not too tricky for a newbie stitcher.

I have a lot of sunglasses so I made a few. They only need a small amount of fabric. For one case you will need approx : Fabric (19 x 22cm) Felt (19cm x 26cm) some thin nylon cord or ribbon, button, scissors, pins, sewing machine, needle, thread, iron. 

Cut the fabric to 19cm x 22cm and the felt to 19cm x 26cm, place fabric right sides together (felt is double sided) The felt piece will be longer than the fabric so don't worry that they are different sizes. Pin the 19cm edges together and sew with a 1cm seam. Pin the other 19cm edges together and insert a small loop of the cord (loop folded is 4cm) or ribbon at the centre point (loop sandwiched inside) and sew along in 1cm seam. Reinforce the bit where the loop is by sewing over again to make sure it doesn't come out.

Because the felt is larger than the fabric it will look a bit odd (see photo below, sorry the fabric is different as I forgot to take a photo first time, but hopefully you get the idea)

Turn the right way out and gently press the felt flat (not too hot an iron if it is acrylic felt) so the felt sits like a binding on the top and bottom edge of the fabric. (see below)

Then with the felt facing out fold the top edge down 3cm approx and the bottom edge up 9cm  approx so that the edges overlap slightly. Pin and stitch down each side (1cm seam) I added a loop of ribbon in the seam here just as an extra detail not essential. (see below)

Trim the seams and then turn the right way out.

Gently press and sew on the button at the base of the loop. I'm worried it all sounds a bit complicated but once you have made one and see what each step does it becomes clearer. The idea is based on a tissue holder I found on pinterest and I adjusted the steps and size to make this case. Finished case measures roughly 17cm x 10cm so if you have very big glasses you might want to add a few extra cms on to the original sizes.

Have fun and thanks for reading! Back soon with the #3 DIY x