Thursday 5 July 2018

Ice Lolly Plushie DIY Craft Camp 2018 #3

So I was thinking I wanted to make some kind of plushie/softie (not really sure what to call them) and it was very hot in my little shed so this lolly idea seemed the right thing to do. It requires basic sewing skills but younger children can help choose colours, cut out and help with sticking. Also I'm pretty sure they would be happy to take them off your hands once you've made them.
You can make these any size so you could go really big and make them as cushions or tiny and use them as key rings or bag charms. I have included approx sizes of the ones shown for your reference.
You will need: fabric in pink, gold, and a pattern, double sided iron on interfacing (if you don't have this to hand you can use glue) small amount of felt (for features in white, grey, pink, red) toy stuffing, needle, thread, scissors, sewing machine, pencil or knitting needle, PVA glue, iron.

Using the pink fabric cut out two identical pieces in the shape of a lolly 17cm x 24cm (rectangle with rounded corners at the top) Cut the patterned fabric in to a square that will fit over the top part of the lolly 17cm x 14cm  Cut a piece of the interfacing in the same size and iron onto the reverse of the patterned fabric. Place the patterned fabric under one of the pink pieces and trace around the shape at the top, then draw drip shapes at the bottom and cut this out like pic above. Peel off the paper backing of interfacing and iron on to the front pink piece to attach. (if using glue use same technique to get the shape and then glue on and allow to dry, don't apply too much or it will dry hard and crunchy and tricky to sew)

Next take the gold fabric and cut out two rectangle shapes for the stick 6cm x 8cm, with right sides together pin as photo and stitch down, repeat for other pink piece. You should now have a front and back piece with 'sticks' attached, press the two pieces.

Now place right sides together and sew a 1cm seam all around the edge leaving a 10cm gap for turning on one side. (I'm using contrast thread so it is more visible on the photo)

 Trim the seams and snip in at the corners

Turn the right way out and press, fill with toy stuffing (or if you don't have any like me I raided a cushion) no one ever notices and I do it a lot! Fill it nice and full, use a pencil or knitting needle to get it right in to the corners

 Then neatly stitch up the hole at the side to close up the gap.

Now for the fun bit (some people like to add faces before sewing up but I like to do it after)I'm just a bit contrary like that so if you prefer the other way then feel free to add this step in before sewing together. Cut two white circles, two smaller grey circles, two pink circles and a little red mouth. Position them where you want them to be and then glue on with the PVA.

Now as you see below I also made an ice cream version and that DIY will follow very soon!
Thanks for reading x