Friday 30 July 2010


At the moment our house is full of piles!! Not nice ones like this one above, I this pile!!! And I love this one.....

This is my total so far of crocheted blankets, in various colours and patterns, no two the same, very random!

Each room in the house has at least one now and all have a little or a lot of pink in them, which isn't bad considering I live in a house full of boys!!

Even our little dog has one.
I think this obsession may be coming to an end now but I already know what will be taking up most of my (rare) spare time this summer......


Monday 26 July 2010

Home thoughts

T'other Jane and I met at art college and, although I ended up looking after other peoples' creations for a living, I have kept my hand in by making clothes and soft furnishings for my home which has always been full of a mixture of vintage finds and family hand-me-downs. I like to look around each room and to see pieces of furniture with a story to tell. My iron and brass bed was a junk-shop find which I stripped, painted and polished before cutting the base from a piece of wood salvaged from the attics of the first National Trust mansion I lived in. It's a French double (spacious for one, cosy for two) and I can't imagine ever changing it. One particularly comfortable sofa is symbolic of my place in our modern extended family, having passed from my step-mother to my mother (a reasonable swap for my father at the time!) and then to me. Each of us has re-covered the sofa in our own style and I wonder which of my nephews or step-nieces I might pass it on to next and what memories might be stirred as they unpeel the layers of fabric and family history as they re-cover it themselves?

Wednesday 21 July 2010

Etsy V Folksy and some Birds

Where did July go?? Well I know it's still here but not for long, next it will be august,!!!!!! So as the summer holiday approaches and my time alone disappears for a while, not much sewing or painting or even computer time is planned for the next few weeks, it made perfect sense to go and open another online emporium of the baggy,flowery vintage kind???!!! hmmm not sure what I was thinking but it felt like the right thing to do.After all the huffing and puffing about dollars and Americanism's on etsy (not from me I might add but people unfamiliar with the world of etsy)I figured it would be worth trying an English site.The advantage being ££££'s and also a much smaller site so have a more visible presence. The 'plan' is to use Folksy for smaller items and maybe more commercial stuff but concentrate on etsy because I prefer it and because I am obsessed with all things American!

On to TEAWAGON news, well the first of our up cycled goodies are almost complete and we hope everyone will love them as much as we do x x

P.S I've been at it again with the tasteless stuff! see above..they were almost banned from the washing line in case anyone saw them!! I mean really they are pure gold!!!!

Saturday 17 July 2010

Too busy

No time for posting last week, one TW gal has been busy rearranging house guests and making chicken houses and the other has had sports days,violin concerts and lots of bag making. We are thinking that our Teawagon days will be limited over the next 5 weeks as I will have 2 small people and a little dog in tow,but we are are hopeful that we will be able to board the wagon every now and then (if only for my own sanity!!!) So we have painted some lovely birds and other items and if I'd had more time I would have shown the photos (next post when I have time to upload them)

Tuesday 6 July 2010

All Change

It has been noted that I have the concentration span of a is true I have changed the banner on this blog 3 times already and the banner in the shop 3 times all in just over a month (I feel another change for the shop is lurking in my fidgety head right now too) Anyway I hope that those who have found us are not put off by the ever changing titles,font colours,descriptions.... Our story is still the same and even though the cute little shop in Chorlton will not be a TEAWAGON emporium of delightful lovelies and possibly tea and cakes, we're getting there x

Ps see how the fairy lights match the TW colour palette,thats not an accident.

Sunday 4 July 2010


Its not about Tennis or The World Cup but it is just as exciting to me...My littleteawagon shop was featured on one of my favourite blogs today, here's the link if you want to have a look and if you do you will see why I constantly 'pine' to live in Vermont!