Tuesday 22 November 2011

holiday how - to #1 ...vintage baubles

.........don't worry I haven't started putting up the Christmas decorations already, it's just a quick little way to spruce up some old baubles :)

a load of old baubles!

 *first you need to find some very plain old bauble shaped decorations
*next you will need some vintage decals - mine came from eBay (very easy to find just type in floral decals and something comes up)
*finally some lovely ribbon (thinner is better than very thick)
* a bit of p.v.a glue and some glitter

clean up the baubles and pop the transfers onto the front using a cloth and very hot water
(there are really good instructions on the papers that come with these transfers, but they are really easy..a bit like applying those kids tattoos)
clean up any sticky bits left behind and dab little glue dots here and there then sprinkle a bit of glitter onto the decal for a sparkly finish :)

remove the original hanging loops and replace with your lovely new ribbon,
if you are going for a collective dangly look like mine then use different lengths of ribbon....

there we go..... my first Christmas tutorial and it's only November!....I apologise if this is too early for some but I figured if you fancy a go you might need to stock up on supplies first :)
...........more simple holiday how - to's to follow soon...
PS I may have peaked too early, I have already watched Elf......but I haven't had a mince pie yet.....
x x x x x x x x