Thursday 30 September 2010

Big Ears and Bunny Ears

Leaving September always makes me feel really wistful and nostalgic.......

Here are some things I have found here and there .... I love the little bunny ornament, weird looking I know but I think that's why I like it.........
and old books which are in a sorry state so are destined for another life now (I tell myself that because I feel bad cutting up old books)

Another birthday this weekend, #2 is 8 on Sunday so I will be swapping the pink bunting and french fancies for Union Jacks, chocolate cake and tarantulas.. (don't ask)

Have a lovely weekend :)

Note added.....Kim...Kim..wher've ya bin????? I haven't got your address and your little package is awaiting its new home, let me know if you have a problem with my email x x x x

Monday 27 September 2010

The post with the Winner!

As promised the giveaway winner was drawn this morning.................. in very bad light ............eager little hands went in the bowl................ and the winner is............

Thankyou everyone so much for all the comments. I was truly overwhelmed by the response, so much that I will be doing another little giveaway soon with a ....... Christmas theme.

Well done Kim, I loved your comment about the Yardley gift set :) Let me know your email address so I can send your goodies, I think you can see the extra surprise peeking in the photo.

I'm off now to make more things with my favourite gold fabric x x x x

Happy Monday :)

Friday 24 September 2010

The post with lots of pink in it

There is only one day every year when I can get away with this much girliness!!!!

My boys, bless them, indulge me in every way, the pink balloons, the bunting and french fancies (not such a hardship!)

They drink tea in flowery cups and eat pink cakes from the girliest china and sing 'Happy Birthday' in the sweetest voices .................then they go off to talk about bums,bogeys and make mutant lego people!

My prezzies were Fab, I asked for the Julie Arkell book after the lovely mentioned her work to me........ (see also peeking out the Armstrong and Miller book....signed ......sigh.....I love them.......a lot....)

So I will eek out the girliness for at least the weekend...Have a good one :)

P.s Thankyou so much all for the comments on the last post,I have loved reading them all. Can't wait to see who wins x x x

Monday 20 September 2010

**Fab Fabric Giveaway**

This little 7'' single has such a sweet cover, I'm loving that HUGE teapot!! Perfect for all my free cups of tea.......which leads me nicely on to the giveaway......I'm wondering what funny,useful or pretty pointless prizes you may have won in the past,or even if you haven't won anything,leave a comment and you might just be lucky this time. I will pick out a winner at random using some very high tech method involving little bits of paper and a hat next monday :)

The prize is a very useful little pack of littleteawagon vintage fabrics, a real pick and mix assortment and a little extra surprise!!!!

**Good Luck**

Friday 17 September 2010

''Brace yourself Effy''

The sky is blue and there is a nip in the favourite time of year! Although I am having serious wardrobe malfunctions at the moment...its all a bit of a mish mash and if it rains.. well I'm aiming for Maggie Gyllenhal in Nanny Mcphee#2. But its more like Mrs Doubtfire crossed with Lily Allen (when she used to wear her trainers with everything!)

I will be back on monday with a little fabric pack giveaway as a Thankyou to all the people who have found this blog x

Happy weekend x x x x x

Wednesday 15 September 2010

The post about post

Swapsies with a new flickr pen pal
I was so happy to get this package and I love the little extras paperdolly sent. As I've said before Herman gets all the post round here so its great to see a little parcel peeking out with my name on.....
Also ... Herman won a competition for a years supply of tea bags which considering I am teawagon, its the best prize a girl could wish for :)

( I'm thinking a years supply will probably last me 4 months!!)

Monday 13 September 2010

The post with not much in it

Some days.......all I seem to make

a mess............ happy monday! x x x x x x x

ps the mess is not in the picture..its all over the floor,sofa,desk etc...even the dog looked disgusted!!

Wednesday 8 September 2010

Those yoghurt drinks really are good for you...

Just a quick post, hot on the heels of the T.R.P's.Having just seen Attic24's fantastic T.R family,http:// I thought I'd show you the Y.P.P's.....

These are made from little yoghurt pot bottles and are perfect as they have a shape like a russian doll, depending on which you get.They are really satisfying to make, all you need is tissue paper,pva glue and some crafty things.
Also there is no limit to what you can make with them, we've had Santa's,Pirates,Fairies,Monsters,Robots........ As for toilet rolls I have branched out.......

And take a look at these new stickers from Paperchase, super cute x x x x

Sunday 5 September 2010

Every day is like Sunday

....Well not really, but it is sunday and I've got some seaside pics to show so any excuse to drag out another song quote is fine by me.

We've been on our jolly holidays, and had lots of fun,went to many places,rock pools,lighthouses,windmills,caves,windswept beaches,my fave place ever..Eden Camp love love love it there.(where my eyes first set upon the original teawagon with its enamel teapots and aromas of bergamot and earl grey!)

Things felt strange when we got back, like we'd been away's taken me a while to get back in step with everything. I'm thinking normality will resume again next week and I look forward to sharing some creative little projects very soon x