Friday 24 September 2010

The post with lots of pink in it

There is only one day every year when I can get away with this much girliness!!!!

My boys, bless them, indulge me in every way, the pink balloons, the bunting and french fancies (not such a hardship!)

They drink tea in flowery cups and eat pink cakes from the girliest china and sing 'Happy Birthday' in the sweetest voices .................then they go off to talk about bums,bogeys and make mutant lego people!

My prezzies were Fab, I asked for the Julie Arkell book after the lovely mentioned her work to me........ (see also peeking out the Armstrong and Miller book....signed ......sigh.....I love them.......a lot....)

So I will eek out the girliness for at least the weekend...Have a good one :)

P.s Thankyou so much all for the comments on the last post,I have loved reading them all. Can't wait to see who wins x x x