Friday 30 November 2012

how to ...little badges....

this little how to is for cute wooden badges..not just for christmas in fact mine aren't chrismassy at all but they would make cute gifts or stocking presents

you will need

small wooden discs ( here )
badge backs ( you can get them on ebay )
wallpaper or wrapping paper
modpodge or pva glue
strong glue for wood/metal
stickers scissors

take your paper and draw around your wooden disc

neatly cut around the shape and glue on to the disc

next take your stickers...(yes I am still using my favourite paperchase ones..I just love them )
put on the sticker and then mod podge or pva over the whole thing...this will make it stick better and also give a nice finish

turn the disc over and glue on the badge back with the strong glue

keep going until you get fed up or in my case 'til your fingers get stuck together because I'm not very patient and can't wait for the glue to dry :)

covering them with modpodge should make them a bit more hard wearing but beware of getting them wet...maybe pop on a cardi or a bag rather than your best coat :)

Thursday 29 November 2012

Jolly to...

the first of my festive how - to's is a jolly holiday version of the lolly dollies :)

you will need
mt tapes or fabric tape
pens incl a black biro
glue/double sided tape
paper doilies
bits of fabric and trim
pipe cleaners
big lolly sticks
a christmas cd (optional but it did get me in the mood!)
possibly a mince pie and a nice hot cup of glogg ...
oh ok I'm getting a bit carried away now....lets go...

first draw on your hair and face ( I use the biro to outline as the pens can sometimes bleed into the wood )
draw on legs and feet....use the tape to make a top and draw on details like collars and buttons

take a piece of fabric and gather it around at the waistline and tape in place

you can add lace or trims to the hem of the skirt with glue or d/s tape

next take a paper doily and concertina fold...get a pipe cleaner and twist around the centre of the folded doily

wrap around the lolly dolly to attach leaving a bit at the back for attaching to the tree top

you can the wrap some lace or ribbon to conceal the pipe cleaner at the front
glue on a button or any other little trims or notions you have to it's christmas I think you could go a bit nuts here and add glitter...sequins..sparkly bits etc....

an alternative way is to make the doily into a skirt..for the wings tie on a few different laces and ribbons and trim to size :) tie on an extra one to use to attach to the tree...

Just a note to add... I haven't said it for a while but Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and say hello I really, really do appreciate it, I have been away from my computer a lot lately...catching up with home life and really needed to be done... but I haven't been able to read or say hello to my favourite blogs as much as I'd like to ... I'll catch up soon I promise

x x x x x x x x 

next time .....cute badges how to :)

ps... thank you for your help with my last post,I knew you would know how to sort it.. you are stars!!! x x x 


hello :) I am working on some festive how to's and was planning to post this week.... blogger has decided different however and I can't upload my photo' tutorial is any good without some piccys I feel, so I'll keep trying x x x x
any advice would be most welcome :) x x x

Friday 16 November 2012

making..making....more making...

not too much has been going on in the teawagon household lately, just lots of making...

for etsy...for friends...for christmas...

 the owls are multiplying...

big and small :)

 vintage papers and fabrics are being bundled...

more patchy goodies to photograph :)
(love these against the wallpaper background)

and the hooks been out again ...
(the discount code for my etsy shop still applies see here for more info)

when I get a minute I am planning to work on some christmas crafty tutorials so pop by again soon x x 

Happy Friday (phew)

Friday 9 November 2012

typewriters and tarts :)'s been a while I know... lots to catch up on but I'm not a wordy person as you know so I'll fill you in with some piccy's...

over half term we nipped off to the coast for a few days to blow away the cobwebs (boy it was freezing!) I loved it :) while away I found this very lovely typewriter...I love it so much I have unintentionally made a sort of shrine for it :)

then I did some sewing :)

a bit more sewing....

somehow one little owl ended up staying on the shelf...

...even more sewing...

a bit of Christmas crochet :)

spying my little shed in this lovely Magazine :)

and my little how to...:)

then spending a lovely day with crafty friends turning pillowcases into dresses

sewing, chatting, catching up and eating very lovely food and

 yummy home baked treats

( the dresses are for dress a girl around the world )

Happy weekend 

x x x x x x x