Wednesday 11 January 2012

a bit of kitsch.........

to brighten up a dull day :).......this was Mr H's birthday cake, I let the boys loose in my box of cake decorations and this is what they came up with :)...the giant smarties make the cake and gnomes look tiny :)

Christmas seems an age away now and I'm looking forward to spring and a bit of the meantime I have been brightening up the days by finishing off this granny square blanket....

as usual no planning.....just grab some nice colours and away I go..

I have picked up some lovely bright fabrics for some new bags....

and have been working away in the 'workshed' sewing and chopping and wishing I hadn't just worn my socks (no shoes) when the rain starts lashing and I realise my feet are going to get very wet walking back to the house :)

I have got lots of makes to share and am working on re-stocking the shop this week so hopefully will have some fuller shelves by the end of the week :)

Have a happy week 

x x x x x x