Monday 26 September 2011


In between all the shed activity (thankyou all for your lovely kind and encouraging words)
I managed to squeeze in a birthday :)
I was well and truly treated this weekend.........

I am indulged in my love of old globes, vintage, radios and books.........

and another friend to join the menagerie of light up animals :)

the decorations made me giggle......heart shaped balloons which looked very much like something else...much to the boys amusement!
 I am only hoping that this isn't the shape of things to come...a before and after type of scenario if you know what I mean :)

tommorrow is our wedding anniversary, 14 years ago since I tiptoed in my Doc Martins and Tiara down the aisle to marry my best friend...our wedding favors were homemade cookies iced with our initials and we danced to our friends band and mix tapes into the early hours.....we are going off into the woods for a picnic to celebrate and make the most of the lovely sun :) :) :)

Happy Monday 
x x x x x xx