Tuesday 31 July 2012

a quick little how to ..felt bunting ....

as the UK is festooned with Olympic bunting I fancied a bit of those colourful triangles myself so...a quick little how to make felt bunting...

very easy :) and the felt is quite good for little hands to cut out...

you will need
felt in lovely bright colours
bias binding or cotton tape
sewing machine

* chop up your felt into many little triangles

* fold over the binding or tape and sew the triangles in between

* leave a cm or so in between

* keep going till you run out of triangles :)

you could do the same with squares or circles if you wanted different shaped ones...if you dont have tape or binding you could use ribbon or make your own by cutting strips of fabric

I have started yet another crochet blanket....well, the weather is bobbins and there's the swimming to watch on telly...whats a girl to do :)

happy tuesday 

x x x x x x

Thursday 26 July 2012

felt corsage tutorial....quick and easy :)

a little how to...make a felt flower wristband for you or your little ones or both :)
you will need

4 pieces of felt 
needle and thread

* cut out two circles...one bigger than the other and the size you want your flower to be

* snip into the circles and shape to make petals

*cut out two bow tie shapes for leaves

* place on top of each other 

* add buttons and sew through all layers to attach buttons

* cut ribbon long enough to wrap around your wrist and tie

* sew ribbon on at the back

done :)

or you could make the ribbon into a rosette style tie and add a pin to the back
and wear as a brooch like this ....

 x x 

the end of term is almost here...it's always a bit of an emotional time I think, leaving classes...schools...friends and the anticipation of a summer of freedom, I have very happy memories of school holidays as a child I hope my boys will too :)
x x x x x x

Tuesday 24 July 2012

the winner.......

a little pile of granny blankets :)

time is flying by again...the sun is out...
I have now realised I have no summer clothes and the shops don't have anything I like....I have decided to hide in my shed in a kaftan until the rain comes back...
but more importantly there is a winner of the giveaway post 
Mr h picked a number and that comment was the winner........

please get in touch so I can send your little teawagon package :)

other news...teawagontales has been nominated for a very lovely blog award by lovely..shiny new blogger

I am very honoured and will try to think of 7 things to divulge...although I better be careful... the last time I did this my slightly odd sense of humour was misinterpreted and I got a right old nasty comment...imagine that ;-)

I'll be back later this week with another tutorial...and I'm having a little 15% off sale in the shop to make way for new items coming up after the summer :)

happy tuesday evening

x x x x x 

Wednesday 18 July 2012

a little crafty how to for a sunny :) wednesday

I'm hoping to do a few tutorials over the next few weeks to keep little hands busy over the school holidays
my kind of crafting involves papery, sticky, tapey kind of stuff which hopefully is good for all ages :)

first up is a little handy box ...you will need

papers - mt tapes - stickers
stamps - ink
anything crafty you can get your hands on really

measure the inside of your box and line with paper 
cover the outside with different paper and use your tapes to cover the bits down the side

have fun decorating with stickers...stamp or write words etc

concertina fold some paper that will fit inside and write on a message, story  ( leave this bit out if want to put something inside the box )

...admire the nice colourful mess you have made ( not compulsory but I like to see crafty mess... it makes me happy )

you can use these for messages...stories...or to put little gifts inside...they are the perfect size for lego figures :)
or you could use the larger sized matchboxes...

have fun x

thank you for all your comments on the giveaway post...I am always blown away by the encouragement and support you bloggers give...still time to enter if you like stickers and fabric :)
other news...I have managed some sewing time and have a few new patchy blankets in the shop

I am hoping that over the holidays I will be able to finally get some ideas out of my sketchbook and into reality...do lots of new crochet ...some painting (of the decorating kind ) and getting our #1 ready for his step into the big wide world that is high school...

happy sunny wednesday

x x x x x x

Monday 16 July 2012

a little giveaway post.....

........it's over two years since I wrote my first teawagon tale and listed my first bag in the littleteawagon shop...I still don't know where to put full stops or how to do those nifty little photo montages...but one thing I do know..

is that I would like to say  THANK YOU :)

so I have gathered up a little pile of teawagon goods and wrapped them in my teawagon way....

and now they sit next to me in my little shed patiently waiting to go to a new home.....

the little parcel contains...
some specially selected fabric pieces
2 Petal  postcards
turquoise velvet ribbon
pink ricrac
red and white bakers twine
blue and white bakers twine
2 sets of fabby paperchase stickers
and some pink birdy paper tape 

* * * * * * 
if you would like to enter just leave a comment on this post :)

happy to post anywhere
comments open until Sunday 22nd July and I will announce the winner shortly after 

PS... I am planning to sew like a loon this week before the summer hols begin although I am also attending the sports days that were cancelled last week due to rain....(it's not looking too hopeful) ...my Olympic training for the egg and spoon race may have been futile :)

Monday 9 July 2012

where has the sun gone?

...last week whizzed by in the blink of an eye....as the end of a school year comes hurtling towards me I am feeling like I need to get stitching before time runs out and my days are spent entertaining two boys for the summer..

I am planning lots of day trips, picnics and crafty stuff ...they are planning sleepovers...sleep ins..eating...making a mess and noise....I'm hoping we can meet in the middle :)

 ...so I made the most of some quiet time last week and made some more patchy teawagon blankets...

available here
they are making me feel quite summery despite the rain :)

...in the days before school finishes I'm planning to make the most of my alone time and sew up a few more bits and list some fabrics..

I noticed a few weeks ago that I had passed my two year shop and blog anniversary and also gained some lovely new followers so I am planning a little giveaway to say a big thank you :)

happy monday 
x x x x x x x x x

Monday 2 July 2012

quick little how to....greeting cards

you will need
card and envelopes
washi tapes
stamps - ink

take your washi tapes and put a strip along the card

add more if you want a tree :)

add lovely stickers.....

stamp on or write on your greeting 

x x x x x x x x 

so quick and easy peasy...get the kids to do them...or do them on your own.. instead of ironing like I did :)