Monday 16 July 2012

a little giveaway post.....'s over two years since I wrote my first teawagon tale and listed my first bag in the littleteawagon shop...I still don't know where to put full stops or how to do those nifty little photo montages...but one thing I do know..

is that I would like to say  THANK YOU :)

so I have gathered up a little pile of teawagon goods and wrapped them in my teawagon way....

and now they sit next to me in my little shed patiently waiting to go to a new home.....

the little parcel contains...
some specially selected fabric pieces
2 Petal  postcards
turquoise velvet ribbon
pink ricrac
red and white bakers twine
blue and white bakers twine
2 sets of fabby paperchase stickers
and some pink birdy paper tape 

* * * * * * 
if you would like to enter just leave a comment on this post :)

happy to post anywhere
comments open until Sunday 22nd July and I will announce the winner shortly after 

PS... I am planning to sew like a loon this week before the summer hols begin although I am also attending the sports days that were cancelled last week due to rain....(it's not looking too hopeful) Olympic training for the egg and spoon race may have been futile :)