Thursday 26 July 2012

felt corsage tutorial....quick and easy :)

a little how to...make a felt flower wristband for you or your little ones or both :)
you will need

4 pieces of felt 
needle and thread

* cut out two bigger than the other and the size you want your flower to be

* snip into the circles and shape to make petals

*cut out two bow tie shapes for leaves

* place on top of each other 

* add buttons and sew through all layers to attach buttons

* cut ribbon long enough to wrap around your wrist and tie

* sew ribbon on at the back

done :)

or you could make the ribbon into a rosette style tie and add a pin to the back
and wear as a brooch like this ....

 x x 

the end of term is almost's always a bit of an emotional time I think, leaving classes...schools...friends and the anticipation of a summer of freedom, I have very happy memories of school holidays as a child I hope my boys will too :)
x x x x x x