Wednesday 18 July 2012

a little crafty how to for a sunny :) wednesday

I'm hoping to do a few tutorials over the next few weeks to keep little hands busy over the school holidays
my kind of crafting involves papery, sticky, tapey kind of stuff which hopefully is good for all ages :)

first up is a little handy box will need

papers - mt tapes - stickers
stamps - ink
anything crafty you can get your hands on really

measure the inside of your box and line with paper 
cover the outside with different paper and use your tapes to cover the bits down the side

have fun decorating with stickers...stamp or write words etc

concertina fold some paper that will fit inside and write on a message, story  ( leave this bit out if want to put something inside the box )

...admire the nice colourful mess you have made ( not compulsory but I like to see crafty mess... it makes me happy )

you can use these for messages...stories...or to put little gifts inside...they are the perfect size for lego figures :)
or you could use the larger sized matchboxes...

have fun x

thank you for all your comments on the giveaway post...I am always blown away by the encouragement and support you bloggers give...still time to enter if you like stickers and fabric :)
other news...I have managed some sewing time and have a few new patchy blankets in the shop

I am hoping that over the holidays I will be able to finally get some ideas out of my sketchbook and into lots of new crochet ...some painting (of the decorating kind ) and getting our #1 ready for his step into the big wide world that is high school...

happy sunny wednesday

x x x x x x