Tuesday 3 February 2015

tutorial : happy people banner

inspired by my obsession with those little paper cut out dressing up books I had as a kid and the fact that I love drawing happy faces...I've done a quick tutorial on how to make a little garland.
You will need, card, scissors, pencil, felt tip pens, glue, paper scraps and some metal split pins..
 I found these blank paper cut outs in a local shop but they are so easy to make I added a few extra ones with some card I already had . You could sketch out a simple shape as a template and then make as many as you need.
 then all you need to do is cut out clothing shapes and glue them on and draw on their faces :)

to join them together just push a split pin through the hands and fold out the back of the pin like below...

this one keeps me company on my desk :) I love her little denim dress! 

so there you go, some other ideas could be animals instead of people or you could get the kids to draw their friends or family... you could do costumes // superheros // favourite characters //you could add buttons, fabric, wool for hair etc...I used magazine pages and wrapping paper as well as scrapbooking and origami papers
Have fun x