Monday 9 February 2015

snail mail...

one of my plans this year is to send more I have been making some note cards to add to my stationery collection.
they were really easy to make,
if you fancy a go you will need
white card, pretty tapes, scrap papers, hole punch, small stamp envelopes or tiny cello bags, rubber stamps in various designs, ink pads, scissors.
Stamp some designs on to the white card, cut them out, make some paper confetti with the hole punch and scrap papers, then add them to the small envelopes fold over the top and stick to a card blank with tape.
I added a message with an interchangeable stamp I got from Hema.
If you don't have any rubber stamps you could draw the messages on or use cut outs from old cards, you could make the small envelopes from folded baking paper or tracing paper.They could make cute valentines messages.

I'm putting together a little giveaway at the moment, it is going to be a craft pack of supplies so there will be some of the items from this post and the previous happy people post plus fabric and papers :)
have a lovely week x