Sunday 15 February 2015


hello, as promised I have a little giveaway this week...its a crafty supply kit comprising of some of my vintage wallpaper, some lovely quilters cotton fabrics, large lolly sticks to make these, some labels and tags, some note cards, envelopes, an envelope filled with confetti and notes, and some card people and split pins for making these. It should keep little hands busy for a while.
I'm an avid collector of craft supplies, always have been...when the boys were younger the cupboards were always full of googly eyes, felt, glue sticks and empty boxes. I often wish I had been blogging when they were little as we were prolific makers..I remember we would have a little party most weeks for no reason other than to make all the decorations and food. I think people thought I was nuts!
Any how... back to the giveaway... this post is just a little thank you for sticking around and popping back to see if I'm still here, I really do appreciate it and your comments and words of encouragement. To enter just leave a comment below :)
The giveaway will run until Fri 20th Feb and I will pick out a winner soon after.
Good luck x x