Monday 16 August 2010

SHOCK absorbers

I'm ashamed to say that I left someone out of the toilet roll family photo's.... I can't believe I did because he is the one thing that is constantly by my side,always happy to see me and eternally gratefull of everything I do... Sorry little Arn, I hope I have made amends!!!

On another note, I shouldn't really be here right now, I was supposed to be noodling around the Trafford Centre with a promise of maybe a little treat from the Cath K shop,a bite to eat and a film!!!! (boys away at grandparents!!) But in reality something fell off the car halfway there which resulted in us sitting in a shell garage forecourt, 'herman' munching on a cheese and onion pasty!( I politely declined ) Then being towed home,just in time for the neighbours to see me do a ridiculous Norman Wisdom-like trip getting down from the HUGE steps at the side of the truck! Yay!! It'll just have to be a bottle of wine and Kingpin again x x x x

Thursday 12 August 2010

The post with lots of Love in it!

Hands up who remembers these??? I have never been so happy to see the postman as I was this morning, he's LOVELY and all that but normally he just has LOTs of packages for 'Herman' (see last post!) Anyway today the little parcel all the way from the U.S finally arrived (it had me worried for a bit). Luckily yesterday the other half of this little nostlagia trip also arrived, otherwise it would have been a case of digging out the 3d glasses from Shrek, another toilet roll and some sticky back plastic. But I cannot tell you how happy this LOVELY little set makes me. If anyone asked me what my favourite toy as a child was, it would definately be my viewmaster,(closely followed by my Brittans Riding school set) and I am LOVE,LOVE,LOVING this LOVELY red version, I can remember gazing at the bambi reels for hours!. Fab!!!! Just LOVE it so much!!

Note added - I have spent most of today looking at it!! LOVE it even more x

Sunday 8 August 2010

Meet the Family

What do you do on a miserable day when your recycle bin is full???..You get your family to make themselves out of a toilet roll tube! The idea was to capture your true self and personality!!!???

I'm not sure if this was successfull, my boys are fantastic at drawing, really good, but give them a paintbrush and some P.V.A glue and it all goes a bit pear shaped.

That said I absolutely love what they came up with and I do think they look like us!.... Yes I am married to Herman Munster and I do really look like a Momjii crossed with Coraline......

Friday 6 August 2010

The post with no name

Rubbish weather and school holidays go together like Morrissey and Marr... what can you do but go out with the dog and get wet A LOT.. or read, watch old films and draw. Surfing the internet for nice birthday treats is always good, as is looking through old photo albums and giggling at the enormous cheeks of your babes, (is it appropriate to tell your children that they used to have 'moobs'!!???)