Thursday 12 August 2010

The post with lots of Love in it!

Hands up who remembers these??? I have never been so happy to see the postman as I was this morning, he's LOVELY and all that but normally he just has LOTs of packages for 'Herman' (see last post!) Anyway today the little parcel all the way from the U.S finally arrived (it had me worried for a bit). Luckily yesterday the other half of this little nostlagia trip also arrived, otherwise it would have been a case of digging out the 3d glasses from Shrek, another toilet roll and some sticky back plastic. But I cannot tell you how happy this LOVELY little set makes me. If anyone asked me what my favourite toy as a child was, it would definately be my viewmaster,(closely followed by my Brittans Riding school set) and I am LOVE,LOVE,LOVING this LOVELY red version, I can remember gazing at the bambi reels for hours!. Fab!!!! Just LOVE it so much!!

Note added - I have spent most of today looking at it!! LOVE it even more x