Monday 15 November 2010

WallpApeR LovE

The wallpaper is up!!! After trawling through the Internet trying to find suitable designs...... 3!!!!!!!! came into my possession in less than 3 days... the debate was all over and the pasting table was out before we'd had breakfast!!...... no time to read the directions on how to mix wallpaper time for toast!....... no time to find that thingy with the bubble in that tells you if its straight!! I really couldn't contain myself, there I was with not one but three fabby mcfab wallpapers....... so instead of choosing one I went for all of them.

The middle one is my favourite, I love gingham and although this probably should be sitting on a wall next to a little fifties dresser full of cups and plates in a kitchen, I love it in its little bedroom collage mode, the right one is very retro and really bright and the left one I wasn't as keen on but with its little friends it has shone!!! The fact that I found this one in a funny little shop where the only way of getting my hands on it were to use a golf club to hook it while almost disappearing into a pile of (not very nice) vintage fabrics and old Christmas trees makes me love it a little more.

So here it is in all its glory, my first attempt at wallpapering !!! I almost wanted to sleep the other way round so I could gaze at its jumbly,patchwork loveliness....I also found my much coveted Charlie Browns pathetic Christmas tree this weekend ( again procured with the golf club!) but that's for another day I think :)

Have a lovely week x x x x x x