Monday 30 January 2012

all is quiet...........

Monday morning.......(the sun is shining and the house is so quiet........ apart from the odd snore from Arnie and the strange noises coming from above where Mr H is attempting to insulate the loft.....)

fab 'teashed' tea

.....doing a bit of research for something I am working on... I came across the*teashed  if you like tea you will love this site :) I love the name too x

..............and trying to bring 'Petal' to life....:)

Happy Monday 

x x x x x x x  

ps....I feel a little giveaway is on its way to bring on the spring and sunshine, keep watching x x x 

Monday 23 January 2012



I'm not sure I could ever be a minimalist.. although I think the 3 males I share the house with probably wish I could :)

 there is just something really lovely about patterns...

and when you can't make your mind up you can choose them rules

 you can find them in old books.......

or fabric

what's making you smile today?

x x x x x x x 

Thursday 19 January 2012

new look...

.......all change over here again, I have been doodling this girl for a while now, I called her petal because it's such a lovely word....

wise old owl
and cheeky lion :)

I hear that snow is on its way so am picking up the hook in readiness to finish off another blanket :)

Have a lovely weekend 
x x x x x

little pics available here

Monday 16 January 2012

new offerings.........

 .....after sewing away for a few weeks, a new batch of messenger bags are finally finished and in the shop


and some new styles and ideas I have been working on are finally coming together.....

the sun is out today and I'm looking forward to my little walk with Arnie later without feeling the need for High Vis waterproof clothing, umbrella, wellies and dog coat :)

x x x x x x x x x x 

Wednesday 11 January 2012

a bit of kitsch.........

to brighten up a dull day :).......this was Mr H's birthday cake, I let the boys loose in my box of cake decorations and this is what they came up with :)...the giant smarties make the cake and gnomes look tiny :)

Christmas seems an age away now and I'm looking forward to spring and a bit of the meantime I have been brightening up the days by finishing off this granny square blanket....

as usual no planning.....just grab some nice colours and away I go..

I have picked up some lovely bright fabrics for some new bags....

and have been working away in the 'workshed' sewing and chopping and wishing I hadn't just worn my socks (no shoes) when the rain starts lashing and I realise my feet are going to get very wet walking back to the house :)

I have got lots of makes to share and am working on re-stocking the shop this week so hopefully will have some fuller shelves by the end of the week :)

Have a happy week 

x x x x x x