Friday 6 July 2018

Plant Banner DIY Craft Camp 2018 #5

I do love a banner! This was inspired by my jungle of a house which is full of plants inside and out. 
It involves one straight line of stitching which can be missed out if you glue it so this project is for little people too. 
You will need : white fabric 25 x 40cm for the larger banner, green fabric 18x 20cm some white cotton tape white felt, grey felt, pink and red felt (for face) thread, pencil, sewing machine, iron, double sided iron on interfacing (use glue if you don't have this) a stick 30cm long, some string, PVA glue, letter stamps, ink pad.
Cut out a square of green fabric measuring approx 18cm x 20 and cut the same size in the interfacing, iron the interfacing on to the reverse side of the green fabric. Draw a leaf shape on to the wrong side of the fabric and cut around it. Peel off the paper backing.

Cut a rectangle of the white fabric measuring 25 x 40cm and cut the base into a point. Place the leaf shape on to the white fabric approx 6cm up from the point. Iron on the leaf to attach. (if using glue cut the shape out and then glue straight on to white fabric, don't use too much glue to stop the fabric from getting marked or going crunchy) 

Once attached you can stitch some lines on to the leaf for detail (miss out this part if you are not sewing)

In felt cut out two white circles, two grey circles, two pink cheek circles and a little mouth in red and stick in position with PVA glue.

Using the cotton tape stamp out the words, any words you like for this bit...

Cut the tape to size and attach to banner with PVA glue, allow to dry. Fold over the top of the banner 2cm and stitch along the top to make a channel wide enough for the stick to fit through. 
Push the stick through and add string to hang (40cm of string tied on at each end) 
To make the smaller version, follow the steps but reduce the size, this one measures 22 x 17cm 

Hope you like this last installment of my summer Craft Camp. Apologies if I have made mistakes or missed bits, these are all done in my spare time and take a long time to edit and write up.

Don't forget to check out all the projects in my tutorial tab above, they go back a good few years so can keep you busy for a while.
Thanks for reading and have a lovely summer
Jane x x

A group photo of Craft Camp 2018 x