Tuesday 3 July 2018

Boredom Buster Bags Craft Camp 2018 #1

This is a super quick and easy DIY for long summer holidays, based on the idea that you would make these little packets and put activity ideas or little treats in them. When boredom strikes you have lots of ideas and suggestions for keeping busy.Making them is also a boredom buster so... win win. Make as many as you like...a few days, a week...the whole summer
You will need : patterned paper, magazines or strong wrapping paper would work (I used origami papers and recycled paper) scissors,ruler, washi tapes, hole punch, string and hole reinforcers!? (optional) also something to hang them from...a branch, twig, stick or I used a scarf hanger (I use this for our advent calendar and hang it on a wall)

First you need to cut the paper so it is 15cm x 11cm
fold in half and tape together the longer edge, make sure to fold the tape over to hold both sides...

then squash it flat with the seam in the centre and tape along the bottom edge

Now squash it flat the opposite way so the seam is at the side and fold over the top open edge. Using the hole punch make a hole in the centre.

Now you need to add the contents, I used the spare bits of paper from trimming to size and wrote messages on...ideas for activities or a bit of spending money for a trip to the ice cream van, some seeds, treats or places to visit. (or jobs they could do if they are older) You can do these for any age (even grown ups) just change out the activities.
Add the messages or contents to the bags and then you can fix a couple of these hole stickers over the punched hole to keep it from tearing. This bit isn't essential if you don't have any but take care not to make them too heavy.

Once filled they can be tied up with the string, be sure to leave about 12cm of string so you can tie the bags on. 

Make as many as you want... They are addictive so the more the merrier. (great for little gifts when visiting friends)

When they are all done, tie them on and hang up somewhere ready to use. If you need to make lots you could string up a line and hang them with pegs or if you don't have anywhere to hang them fill a large jar or basket.

Hope you enjoy making (and using) these and thanks for reading!
Back soon with more DIY's
Jane x x x