Friday 9 November 2012

typewriters and tarts :)'s been a while I know... lots to catch up on but I'm not a wordy person as you know so I'll fill you in with some piccy's...

over half term we nipped off to the coast for a few days to blow away the cobwebs (boy it was freezing!) I loved it :) while away I found this very lovely typewriter...I love it so much I have unintentionally made a sort of shrine for it :)

then I did some sewing :)

a bit more sewing....

somehow one little owl ended up staying on the shelf...

...even more sewing...

a bit of Christmas crochet :)

spying my little shed in this lovely Magazine :)

and my little how to...:)

then spending a lovely day with crafty friends turning pillowcases into dresses

sewing, chatting, catching up and eating very lovely food and

 yummy home baked treats

( the dresses are for dress a girl around the world )

Happy weekend 

x x x x x x x