Wednesday 29 May 2013

Pin it forward UK I am posting about Pinterest, which has recently launched in the UK. For any who don't know what Pinterest is, it's a fast growing online resource for collecting and organising images and links from the internet.
It's great for inspiration and is also a good way to keep your own work together in one place...I have a board for my tutorials, boards for home inspiration, films, crafts and  my makes

It is also a good way of discovering other likeminded pinners and bloggers...and so with that in mind I would like to do my pin it forward link to the very lovely violet posy who has a beautiful and inspirational blog and is also a fellow pinner.

have fun x x x x x 

edited to add.
if you would like to see some more lovely boards and blogs here are some other favourites that are well worth visiting..
Bee's pins
Kitschycoo's pins
and these girls have lovely blogs too :)
linen cloud
Kitschy Coo

x x x x x