Friday 26 April 2013

geometric garland how to....

ok... if you are like me and have a bag of bright coloured felt scraps left over from's a little d.i.y to use them up :)

you will need -
felt scraps of many colours
sewing machine

1 cut the felt into different shapes..I made squares..triangles and circles to give it a geometric look...

2 pile them up in some sort of colour order and start sewing them right through the middle and keep going 'til you have used them all up...

3 hang 'em up :)

you could make them in all one colour...or do all the same shapes...mix them in with paper shapes hearts...flags... the options are endless.... my scrap bag of felt however was not.. so now I'm wondering if I should go buy some more :)

I am still clearing out my fabric is taking a while because I want to bundle them together and mix up nice pattern options, but I am getting there...plundering and bundling is my middle name this week :)

x x x x x