Thursday, 25 April 2013

day tripping #1

I've decided to make a list of places we'd like to visit on a day trip.... sometimes though.. you miss the best bits of a city because you don't know it very well. so here is a little post about some cool places to visit if you are ever in Manchester... first stop is always the Northern Quarter...

as the name suggests it's in the northern part of the city...not far from trains..trams,bus stations and a good multi-story car park...the shops are mostly independents and the streets are filled with bars...tea shops and restaurant's.... it's worth a trip for this shop alone

 it reminds me of the fab shops they have in Amsterdam..

 not far away is the Manchester Craft Centre which is a lovely building housing units for crafts people to work and sell their designs from...

also around the same area there are shops..of the comic and book supplies and clothes...there is a bit of an odd part where you might think you've taken a wrong turn (just warning you) but otherwise its a fab part of the city that makes me hop on a tram and visit more often than I probably should :) 
 I'd love to know if you have any favourite places so I can add them to my list :)

x x x x x