Thursday 8 December 2011

holiday how - to #4 owlies grotto

Firstly, do not adjust your monitor or run off to specsavers for an eyetest.......these photos are blurred!! my only excuses are.... the light was very bad and my camera couldn't cope and that I was so giddy making this that I couldn't wait to get on with it and rushed the pics.....

to make a little christmas grotto you will need
* small cereal boxes
*papers,sticky back plastic,tinsel,old christmas cards,fabric scraps,trims

-First you will need to follow the instructions on how to make a bird house tutorial -  here..

- instead of cutting a little round hole, make a bigger door shaped hole at the front

- take your papers and sticky back plastic and start sticking :) do not worry about being all neat and tidy, the wonkyness adds to its charm

-glue fabrics to the inside

-stick on the tinsel, christmassy pictures...anything you can find..the more the merrier :)

 - pop your little owlie in her new home....
......note this grotto is not exclusive to little owls......small deer, birds or gnomes might like it too...

- you can make this bigger by using full sized cereal boxes or tiny by using matchboxes... a little question before I go...what would you do?

......the other week when searching for fabrics to make more messenger bags I came across these lovely curtains..... vintage Sanderson with Laura Ashley linings

they are really beautiful and in lovely condition, they even came in their own maartje style suitcase

my question is ...would it be really terrible to chop these up to make bags and cushions or should I keep them and find a window to hang them in???

happy... (grey and rainy)  thursday 
x x x x x x x