Tuesday 19 October 2010

Pumpkins and Squirrels

The weeks are whizzing by and another half term looms, so I have been busy making and searching and fiddling and changing and fiddling and changing and re-arranging.

In another life I was a graphic designer and I miss playing around with images, so too often I find myself changing the logo in the shop or re-doing the title on here...it's good to mix things up a bit I think...nothing stays the same for long..................

Much like these two........

.......boys..I love 'em but I cannot work them out!

littleteawagon the shop is 6 months old on monday, I feel I should do something to mark the occasion but fear I will be up to my neck in mess, boys, zombies, dog, pumpkins and lots of orange stuff!(of the £shop kind)
Have a good week :)