Thursday, 28 October 2010

Q and A's

After reading one of my favourite blogs the other day. (coco rose) I decided to join in the Q and A.

What age were you most happy?..... Honestly??? my 20's I loved the freedom,the travelling, my job,that carefree feeling you get before life starts to get too serious,but I'm very happy now just a little frazzled round the edges.

Most played song? Too many... but Bigmouth Strikes Again 'The Smiths' and Eds Funky Diner 'Its Immaterial' at the moment

Favourite food-least favourite food? I love ice cream,any flavour,any weather

Fave TV or film? Armstrong and Miller for TV, too many films to mention, as its nearly Halloween I'll say Nightmare before Christmas
One regret? Answering the ideal job question!

Ideal Job? ..........
Favourite flower? I love all flowers I think I would choose them for colour rather than type - pinks/oranges/yellows

Us in our carefree twenties, I hate having my photo taken and this is the only one I've ever liked!!

Have a great weekend x x x