Thursday, 13 September 2012

reasons to be cheerful....

#1 little betty all cleaned up and ready sew :)

#2 a nice bit of vintage M & S from the vintage village market :)

#3 A nice family day out with the bluest skies  and amazing art in the park :)
(with Claude the class sock monkey who had to come with us)

#4 sneaking one of those owls to keep for myself :)

#5 a little nip in the air and that Autumn feeling means the favourite 
folly and glee eiderdown is on the bed  :) 

#6 cats and dogs  :)
cats from oooh betty
dog from alice apple

#7 new lampshades :) yum 

and lastly this very lovely commission which has had me busy chopping and measuring, pinning and sewing's a big one.....hence my absence from the www for a while....

thanks for your comments about our #1's high school antics...all went well and he was fine and now just a week on knows everything about everything :)

yay for nearly the end of the week...
(these early mornings are killing me) x x x