Tuesday 18 September 2012

fab films and new packaging....

...yesterday the Mr and I went on a little jaunt to the cinema....a proper old fashioned one where you buy your ticket from a man in a booth, a cup of coffee costs 75p and they sell smarties and maltesers in boxes :)
and the best bit is that they show films for people like us who are rubbish and miss them when they are on at the big cinemas :)

Moonrise Kingdom is now officially my No1 favourite film.....

so in between googling pictures from the film every 5 minutes and drooling over that vintage record player I have been re-designing the littleteawagon packaging..


and bundling up fabrics and wallpapers :)

it's a weekend of birthdays and anniversary's coming up Yay! and I also note its a year since I moved into my little shed...

happy tuesday night 

x x x x x x x