Wednesday 29 March 2017

easter tree cards


hello!here's a quick DIY for the Easter hols...these little cards are perfect for messages and hanging on your Easter branch/tree. They are super easy and don't really need a step by step, they are just for inspiration.
You'll need some card, envelopes, Easter stamps, hole punch/stickers for hole, washi tape, origami paper, double sided tape, stickers and string.
You can make the bunnies by following this guide 

Just make a few bunnies and stick them on to the card, I used brown postcards and added stickers and washi tapes to decorate. The envelopes I used are lunch money ones but any will do. I stamped some Easter messages on them (stamps were from paperchase a few years ago but they still do similar ones) Then I punched a hole through the top and stuck one of those hole stickers over it to make it stronger.
Make sure you write your card and put it inside before adding the string on the top of the envelope. 
Then its ready to hang on your Easter tree.
Other ideas... fill the envelopes with little Easter treats or recipes or you can also write clues on the cards, number them and hang them outside for an Easter treasure hunt. Or make an Easter countdown by putting a date on each one and opening one a day, like an advent calendar.

Thanks for reading!