Monday 3 April 2017

matchbox bunnies

 is a little matchbox idea I made, it's a nice easy craft for the Easter hols.
I got the white matchboxes from The Works last year and although they are a little flimsy I loved that they were white. I'm pretty sure you can find them online too, or an old empty matchbox will work just as well.
Once again very's what you need.
Matchboxes, patterned tape, origami paper, scissors, pens (stamps and stickers too if you have them)
Decorate the boxes inside and out with the tapes, fold the bunnies as these  but make sure they are small enough to fit inside the match box (square paper 6.5cm or smaller)
You could also fill the boxes with little eggs or those tiny chenille chicks (I can never resist those) or make them for other occasions like the Thank you one. You could even make a small hole in the box and add some string so you can hang them as Easter decorations.
Have fun!

Thanks for reading x