Friday 17 March 2017

Spring banner DIY

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hello...I'm back (so soon)
I have been inspired by spring light and lovely fresh colours and so have made some new DIY's for the new season. First up is this spring banner, very easy and fun to make and can be adapted to any words and colours. Here's how...

You will need:
white card or thick paper, scissors,ruler, letter stickers, circle stickers, string, large eyed needle, hole punch and some yarn/pom pom maker and wooden beads for the trim (optional)

1: cut out 8 rectangles measuring approx 10cm x 6cm and then cut out a triangle shape at the bottom on all the flags.
2: punch holes in the top (see pic for placement)
3: add stickers and letters to the flags
4: if you have a pompom maker you can make 2 pompoms to add at each end (see below for alternatives)
5/6: cut a length of the string 130cm approx and thread a pom pom and 2 beads on to the string then add the flags in the correct order and then add the pom pom and beads at the other end, tie off each end of the string with a loop.

Other ideas...use brown or coloured card instead of white, hand paint your words on if you don't have stickers or cut them out of coloured paper, use shop bought pom poms or use larger beads. Change the wording for each season, birthday, etc. Make a few to spell out messages... the options are endless.
have fun!! I'll be back soon with more spring ideas and some cute bunnies x x