Friday 29 July 2011

Dolly gets the blues.......

OK so I told myself I wouldn't get much chance for blogging in the school holidays....but when theres not much chance of getting anything done and you end up making jelly baby heads for Lego figures and over explaining what the words 'personal space' mean (sound familiar?) then I guess no-ones going to mind if I sneak off and indulge for a while :)

So off I go to take pics of my pride and joy Dolly #2
this time in blue (at the boys request.....quote "Mum why do you always paint everything white??) 
 the trays are covered in the beloved vintage wallpapers and then varnished :)

I could happily fill the house with these trolleys and I'm thinking... quit selling fabrics as I get so stressed hunting for them and turn littleteawgon into a ..........well an up cycled teatrolly shop...

Dolly #2 will be moving into her new home soon, along with me and my fabric's not looking too pretty at the moment but I'm thinking a cross between Calamity Janes cabin and a Cuckoo clock and you get an idea...Yay.... I can't wait, I've always wanted my own shed....

Have a lovely weekend :)
x x x x x

Monday 25 July 2011

Time flies...................................

when you're having fun.......

that is when you stick me in a room alone with a box,some papers and some wallpaper paste

made in the same way as the bird box ( see sidebar ) except no little birdy hole this time..... then as soon as you have then have to force everyone in the to a big park....and bribe everyone with the prize of an ice cream to find the most perfect pine cones....(make sure there are pine trees where you go or this can get VERY frustrating :)

...another 'Dolly Trolley' found it's way home with me the other day,  Dolly #1 has been so useful and was a joy to transform that I couldn't resist, the latest one is just as brown and brassy ....but not for long :)
x x x x x x x x x x

Wednesday 13 July 2011

this week I have been mostly......

making teacher's gifts........both are easy(with a bit of help) for kids and can be hand sewn.....
as my baking is a bit hit and miss we went down the handmade option.....
sock monster tutorial here
fabby how to make this bird tutorial here

It may be a while before I post again now as its the whirlwind end of term frenzy :)
see you soon

x x x x x x x x

Monday 11 July 2011


........I have some bags in the shop again :)

Pink ones, blue ones, yellow ones, flowery ones and retro ones ...

Only 2 and a bit weeks left till the end of term, so I am stocking up the shop and tidying the house,ordering caterpillars!! and making teacher gifts...could it be this year I will actually get organised and be ready for 5 weeks of mayhem ????..I'm feeling a bit wistful this year as I think this is probably the last summer where me and the lads will do things together...I'm aware that with having boys there comes a point where they may shift themselves away from their mum
....but that's ok...I'm grateful they humoured me for this long :)

Have a happy week :) ...(I'm not sure why this is in italics)...naughty blogger again I guess
x x x x x x x x

Monday 4 July 2011

7 reasons to be cheerful.......

Thank you to lovely cuckoo and lovely sarah for the blog awards :)
so as I've already done 7 facts about myself here I thought I would do
7 things that are making me smile today :) :) :)

#1 Deerdre the deer head patiently awaiting her makeover :)

#2 busyness.... lots of sewing going on :)

#3 cute glasses from the charity shop :)

#4 managing to stick this lady's head back on :)

#5 newly painted front door :)

#6 much loved little friends on the washing line :)

#7 home town rock :)

#8 knowing that I can't count and that we found this for £3 :)

I would like to pass this award onto a shiny new blog which I have just discovered
and with the bestest name...pollywallydoodle

whats making you smile today?? happy Monday *4th July*

note lovely koralee has pointed out 'deerdre' is in fact a he!! oooops any new boy names gratefully received :)