Monday 11 July 2011


........I have some bags in the shop again :)

Pink ones, blue ones, yellow ones, flowery ones and retro ones ...

Only 2 and a bit weeks left till the end of term, so I am stocking up the shop and tidying the house,ordering caterpillars!! and making teacher gifts...could it be this year I will actually get organised and be ready for 5 weeks of mayhem ????..I'm feeling a bit wistful this year as I think this is probably the last summer where me and the lads will do things together...I'm aware that with having boys there comes a point where they may shift themselves away from their mum
....but that's ok...I'm grateful they humoured me for this long :)

Have a happy week :) ...(I'm not sure why this is in italics)...naughty blogger again I guess
x x x x x x x x