Monday 4 July 2011

7 reasons to be cheerful.......

Thank you to lovely cuckoo and lovely sarah for the blog awards :)
so as I've already done 7 facts about myself here I thought I would do
7 things that are making me smile today :) :) :)

#1 Deerdre the deer head patiently awaiting her makeover :)

#2 busyness.... lots of sewing going on :)

#3 cute glasses from the charity shop :)

#4 managing to stick this lady's head back on :)

#5 newly painted front door :)

#6 much loved little friends on the washing line :)

#7 home town rock :)

#8 knowing that I can't count and that we found this for £3 :)

I would like to pass this award onto a shiny new blog which I have just discovered
and with the bestest name...pollywallydoodle

whats making you smile today?? happy Monday *4th July*

note lovely koralee has pointed out 'deerdre' is in fact a he!! oooops any new boy names gratefully received :)